icons of silence


Silence is the source. It is the energy from which all creation derives. Our inner awareness and use of the creative force sets into action that which is known as the Divine. Silence is confidential, yet there is no exclusivity, as it is part of all that is.

Truly infinite are the opportunity of possibilities offered by the creative process. The freedom to create is essentially the uniqueness of divine creation itself. The source of silence is the divine love in which creation remains nested.

Tradition of the practice of detachment allows one to become free, beyond any limits, to experience, to be without the hindrance of the golden chains of illusion. The creative process is in it self a constant and without complete acceptance what is being created by the personality is illusion. The detachment of the personality from the fears created by illusion permit it to express the divineness of the soul. The creative process is the essence of what each personality expresses in order to recognize the quality and content of its filter factor of unresolved illusions.

Images are Icons, as colour is a mask to vibration. One must go beyond the image of a deity when meeting her or him. We all need to open to accept assistance. Divine vibration purifies. Every person is a unique receptor who exists on an individual tempo of continual synthesis. Artistic creations are images that one must attempt to go beyond so that one may heal.

Icons of Silence are artistic creations that originate as vibrations.

They are offerings.

When in attunement with this art, there is an invitation to going beyond it which brings one a humble step closer to silence. There is no pretentiousness in their artistic existence for these icons are only mirrors reflecting our selves . In Tibetan tradition, artists understand that they are known, yet in the inner experience, the true artist remains anonymous for the viewer who is fortunate to go beyond.