listening to love


This flow of poetry blossomed a year after the turn of the century and there are now well over two thousand poems. They have found their way to being presented in Europe and America. Some on to the stage, others in exhibitions , pages of  print journals, as well as  poetry websites.

In Los Angeles in February of  2002 there was an exhibition by the Belgian photographer Brigitte Meuwissen where she mentioned that the silent lotus poetry had inspired her work.

“But what is so nice for me as a poets brother is the Love and Oneness and calming steadfastness of macro awareness or macro vision and the surety of continuity in these great vistas that i feel in your expressions, knowing you live in that consciousness and that is a joy to me. Nothing else can give that kind of peace calm, assurance etc. The way you express this living in your life and art is another matter for joy but as you know the being and the living it, makes an art of everything.”

“ your poetry gives me the same feeling as Hafiz’s -as if you are talking to me…..”

Professor Ashok Malhotra, State University of New York, Department of Philosophy & director of  the Yoga and Meditation Society for the Scientific Study of Spirituality in Oneonta, N.Y. and director of the NINASH Foundation wrote:

Louise Hutner, the editor of Sacred Journey wrote in June 2004:

“… we can choose a path of love and inner stillness, each one of us, no matter what suffering we also find along our way. Our poet has made this choice. He says he feels that he is always connected to the Silence, no matter where he is or what he is doing. I can say that I have seen both the beauty and the love that result. And he is only one person. Imagine . . .

These ideas of stillness and love, and connecting to one’s soul or source of being, are woven throughout our journal this month, as are themes of life’s value in all its forms throughout nature. Poised beautifully in their midst is one of our poet’s poems, titled “One Divine Moment,” by silent lotus.

November of 2004 in Bruge Belgium, there was an hour long performance ‘Listening To Love’ created by the singer Lieve Blondelle together with the dancer Sabrina Spronk that was held in a cultural center that was formerly the Magdalena Church built circa 1800. For this performance silent lotus recorded a number of poems that you can now listen to on this site.

In 2006 in an interview with Donna Stein Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of TIFERET a journal of spiritual literature silent lotus stated:

Silence is the source of all creation. From out of silence everything is manifested.

And in 2010 Donna Stein invited silent lotus to host a ‘poetry corner’ on the Tiferet website.

Dr.Pankaj Desai of the Medical College of Baroda,India ,expressed these words

”..... some of the most serene poems ever written”

Also you will find here some poems selected by the Turkish ceramist Nermin Kura whose work is featured on a few pages of this website.



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