a path towards meditation


While passing a pond of still water a traveler stopped to admire the reflection of the lotus. After having found that he no longer remembered what it was the he had been thinking before he stopped his journey, he began to smile. He breathed deeply through his nose and absorbed the scent of nature that surrounded him and became aware of the temperature of the earth guiding itself through the soles of his feet. The bamboo bowed gently… and as they returned upward to the sky, the leaves in turn floated into an ever present sleep.

Finding himself alone he glanced for a moment towards his toes as he felt a small pebble. With his back erect he lowered himself through his knees and collected the pebble with his thumb and forefinger. Rising to a new poised position he prepared to continue to enjoy the reflection of the lotus upon the surface of the water… only… now it no longer manifested. He blinked his eyes in astonishment. Both arms hung now by his sides and his empty hand assumed the identical closure as the one holding the pebble. He breathed once again deeply in the same manner as only some moments ago and witnessed his own reflection which… as if instantly… transformed into a feminine likeness of himself.

He extended his arms slowly out above the water, resting them evenly next to each other. She seemed to have her two hands extended with both palms upward as if prepared to except an offering. It was as if they both had their hearts open as he released the pebble. This offering entered the water where her hands had been. Gently the circles created by the pebbles decent through the surface of the water increased in circumference until they lost momentum and transformed into silence. In the silence he stepped back from the waters edge and after turning… their journey began.

The oneness is the completion that we all can offer to ourselves. It can be discovered in many ways. Meditation is a beautiful gift that may assist us on the path to the divine consciousness.