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silent lotus is grateful to be the recipient of requests to lead classes, seminars, workshops, retreats as well as poetry readings.  He has participated in events in many countries, they have taken place in private and public settings ...universities, healing… meditation… & yoga centers, hospitals, private homes, and corporate environs.

nevis retreat retrospective

Every growth experience is learning about change. Participation in this retreat will expand your consciousness of your own uniqueness. What you leave behind you after the retreat will be rewarding - even if the airlines weighing scales do not record it - your baggage will be lighter on your return. Acceptance is about love, and should never be confused with a concession. Please come with your thoughts and prepare for the release you will experience through learning what Acceptance can offer you.

Change occurs when we are certain at some level that we are so uncomfortable with stagnation that we can no longer remain as we perceive ourselves to be. The need for change is one of our greatest innate gifts. Nothing remains the same as we are able to create continually. Exercising our own choices is an experience of divine creation that is not excluded from any one of us. We all have the same opportunity to experience change through this gift that we possess. 

Relationship is a reference parameter that holds keys to our search for growth. Looking at others, we see reflections of ourselves. This information is invaluable as we accept the opportunity for change. By implementing truth into the process, the course of change will be influenced. While color is a mask to vibration, personality is more a filter factor to viewing the soul. 

Truth is always present, as is divine unconditional love. Existing in the confinement of your opinion is living next door to change, so truth is always just around the bend. 

What enhances our growth is our willingness to accept that our point of perspective is only one of the infinite of the circle… and that the circle we participate in is only one of the infinite of circles entailing the whole. Truth is the presence of consciousness of the whole at the source of being. Untarnishable is the existence of Truth. If you believe that it is not so, then that is your opinion, and while that opinion is your right in the moment, truth remains something else. 

Retreat . . . Retreat . . . Retreat . . . away from established opinion. For what is established is that which can only allow change to occur. If there was nothing established to recognize, we would have no relationship to it and nowhere to change from. 

Acceptance that this Retreat is about Acceptance is Truth. Join others who wish to accept that change has already happened and is going to continue to happen.

Let go of seeing yourself as you were. Enjoy the comfort of being acknowledged in Acceptance. Love and laughter are in abundance and are to be shared through this silent lotus retreat.
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